Closed cold corridor is the fundamental concept of airflow control. The space in front of the racks is closed by roof panels. Cooled air flows only into enclosed area – either from the perforated floor tiles or directly from the row based cooling units. The air subsequently passes through the IT devices, cools them and absorbs the heat. Hot air exists into the room, where it is sucked by central cooling or row based cooling units, and is cooled again.

The principle of separated and cost-effective air circulation

Corridor configuration options

Technical parameters of MINKELS closed cold corridors

The corridors can be retrofitted on an existing IT racks from various manufacturers, or as completely new solution including MINKELS IT racks.

They are compatible with server/data center IT racks from APC, Panduit, Rittal, Conteg, Triton and others.

Standard corridor dimensions:

  • Aisle width – from 1000mm  do 1800mm
  • Aisle height: 2000/2200/2450 mm
  • Colors: RAL 9003 (white) / RAL 9005 (black)

We supply the corridors also in non-standard dimensions.

Corridor doors are supplied in various ways:

  • Single or double doors
  • With mechanical or electrical closing mechanism

Roof panels have various accessories for installation of fire extinguishing systems, as well as environmental sensors, and are made of:

  • Safety glass
  • Poly carbonate

Cold corridor blanking panels

We provide a unique solution – vertical blanking panels, used to close off blind spots for high aesthetics and cooling effectiveness. Blanking panels are supplied with identical material finish as IT racks and dimensions according to request. However, the material used allows easy adjustment at the installation site if necessary.

To cover obstacles

Closing off gaps whens racks have various sizes and heights

For chimneys in the case of hot aisles

To lower initial CAPEX – to replace IT racks

We supply closed hot and cold corridors MINKELS that are professional factory made corridor systems for data centers. Nevertheless, they offer a great degree of modularity and compatibility with IT racks from various manufacturers.

Contact us to get more information about right solution for your project.

If needed, we can also provide on-site measurements (before the order) and installation.

Expantion in commercial DC

Standard closed corridor (instalaltion on racks)

Freestanding cold corridor MINKELS