A unique solution for commercial data centers is so-called free standing corridors for IT racks. When building up standard closed cold or hot corridor is essential that the IT racks are located in their final position. Only then can be the corridor closed off with roof panels and corridor doors.

In the case of the free-standing corridor, the workflow is opposite. First, the corridor is built up, and only then the IT racks are gradually added.

This procedure is desirable for commercial data centers which:

  • allow the clients to install their own IT racks
  • grow gradually – hence big capital investment may not be desired (purchasing all IT racks at the beginning)
  • it is necessary to place devices of various sizes in the aisle (tape drives, supercomputers, etc.)
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Free Standing Cold Corridor MINKELS

Expantion in commercial DC

Standard closed corridor (instalaltion on racks)

Freestanding cold corridor MINKELS