Extremely reliable and accurate

During the lifecycle of iPDU active devices will be replaced multiple times. Therefor robustness and reliability of iPDUs are crucial parameters. RARITAN´s iPDUs are incredibly sturdy, supporting a maximum operating up to 60°C and the body is not perforated, thus it protects internal circuits from dust. In the exceptional event of replacing the main controller of the iPDU, the supply circuits remain connected, and the iPDU remains fully operational.

Incredible metering accuracy of ± 1% (ISO/IEC 62053-21) providing you with an accurate overview of consumption per customer, or even per device.

A wide range of configurations

Single-phase or three-phase, 16A or 32A, capacity up to 55kW, max. operating temperature of 60°C, configurable parameters like outlet groups per phase, per direction and the supply cable orientation – we provide solutions for every situation.
You can find some of the available models via CONFIGURATOR.

Full color body

The clear separation of power feeds minimizes the error of the human factor working with an IT rack. By adding locking IEC C14/C19/C15 supply cables in various colors, the possibility of accidental disconnection is reduced almost to zero.

Bright color LCD display

The multi-level menu enables local access to all monitored parameters – prompt and clear identification of alerts.

Intuitive user interface

Fully compatible with all HW and SW platforms – can be accessed on your mobile, tablet or desktop; via IOS, Android, Linux, Windows etc.

Advanced features

iPDUs from RARITAN allow you to maintain full control over your IT racks and other active devices. This level of security and reliability is necessary in the banking sector, the defensive sector or other industries dealing with confidential data and business critical IT operations.
ELECTRO-MECHANICAL HANDLES – with RARITAN iPDUs it’s possible to control physical access to IT racks
POWER SHARING – this unique feature enables the power sharing between iPDUs, in the case one power feed goes down
SENSORS – environmental sensors ensure the correct operating conditions of active IT equipment with the aim of reducing operating costs (power consumption, humidity, temperature, etc.)
SOFTWARE – with centralized software solutions it’s possible to manage iPDUs in several data rooms or geographic locations. Management is possible from various control rooms at the same time. Connectivity is provided via TCP/IP network using AES256bits encryption, while the database backup is handled on virtual servers VMware.

Raritan – Industry leader in Intelligent iPDUs

Intelligent PDU RARITAN – Controller functions