In a LAN environment, we can often see insufficient cooling of active devices, which results in their frequent “freeze ups” and only hard button restart will help. If the active device works in unsuitable conditions for a longer period of time, sooner or later it will stop functioning completely.

The usual way of cooling in technological rooms – via traditional split AC systems + IT rack with glass doors equipped (in the best case) with a ventilation unit that tries to extract heated air from inside the IT rack – is now, when a large part of the business is moving to the online space, obsolete.

To efficiently cool IT racks with a height of more than 42U, we supply super efficient MRAC cooling units.

– Height only 7U, installation on 19″ rails as regular 19″ devices
– Depth 600 mm (+ cooling tubes), installation possible in racks with a depth of 800 mm or more
– Unit weights max. 30 kg
– Available in 3.6 kW and 6.8 kW cooling capacities with variable cooling capacity
– Based on R410A refrigerant mixture
– Installation possible in existing IT racks

If you are only interested in purchasing MRAC cooling units, we will send you technical documents for installation.
If you are interested in a complete delivery including installation, we can provide it with the help of certified partners.