Rack ATS combines the requirements for power management technology in a modern data center with the development trend of power distribution technology with the possibility of local and remote management.
ATS provides highly reliable and redundant performance to connected devices. ATS has two input power sources, if the primary source is turned off, it automatically switches to the secondary power source

It offers remote management using SNMP protocols, web interface, serial interface.
It monitors the total current consumption from individual distribution units.
Local management – the total current consumption per power distribution unit is shown on the digital display of the unit. The local digital display helps installers prevent circuit overload with a visible warning if the current draw approaches the maximum allowable draw of the unit.
Remote Management – A network management interface that provides standard management over the Web and SNMP. It allows users to save time and access, configure and manage drives from remote locations. This feature comes with the ability to quickly and easily update firmware by downloading from the web.

ModelInput powerAInputsOutputsHeight
DL128H0812230V16A2x C206x C13
2x C19
DL128C1212230V10A2x C2012x C131U
DL128H0912230V16A2x 16A vidlice, 3m kabel8x C13
1x C19
DL228H1622230V32A2x 16A vidlice, 3m kabel12x C13
4x C19
DL228H1822230V32A2x 16A vidlice, 3m kabel16x C13
2x C19