We supply the world´s leading KVM-over-IP switch – Dominion KX III.

The Dominion® KX III is a professional KVM-over-IP switch that provides 1, 2, 4 or 8 users with the remote BIOS-level control of 8 to 64 servers. It comes with the cutting edge video quality, security and reliability of video transmission – the most powerful KVM switch in the industry.

Digital transmission of video is provided by DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort/USB-C, digital and analog VGA, virtual media, audio, smart card/CAC or even mobile access.

Main features:

  • BIOS-level control via LAN, WAN, Internet, mobile access or even dial-up
  • 30 fps 1080p video-over-IP + audio with extremely low latency
  • Java-Free Virtual Media
  • Meets widely used government security mandates: AES & FIPS 140-2, Common Access Card (CAC), two-factor authentication and IEEE 802.1X and IPv6.
Uživatelské výhody Dominion KX III
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Katalog Dominion KX III
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Dominion KX III – World´s leading KVM-over-IP switch

Video quality comparison of Dominion KX III with the second most powerful switch

Dominion KX III models available

Remote Users
over the Network
64 Ports 32 Ports 16 Ports 8 Ports 1 Port
8 KX III-864 KX III-832 KX III-816 KX III-808
4 KX III-464 KX III-432 KX III-416
2 KX III-232 KX III-216
1 KX III-132 KX III-116 KX III-108 KX II-101 V2

Domininion KX III architecture

Dominion KX III KVM-over-IP clients

KVM/IP Client Technology KVM-over-IP Performance Virtual Media Audio Smart Card
   Active KVM Client (AKC) Microsoft .NET Framework High Full Virtual Media Input Output YES
   HTML KVM Client (HKC) HTML5 Browser Technologies Medium Remote / Local ISO Images Output  
   Virtual KVM Client (VKC) Java Applet High Full Virtual Media Input Output YES
   KX III User Station (VKC) Linux Hardware Appliance Highest Full Virtual Media Input Output YES