Main cable routes for power and data cables

There are several requirements for cable trays to carry cables – electrical or for data networks – which are sometimes conflicting. For instance, load rating VS flexibility, how easy is to install cable dropouts, how they can guarantee minimum bend radius of cables.

We supply cable tray solutions suitable for supporting power-supply cables, control cables and data cables.

Including specific cable trays for sensitive fiber optics.

Cable trays for optical cables


  • Dedicated cable trays for fiber cables
  • Various cable dropouts that guarantee bend radius for optimal signal efficiency – it protects fibers inside from breaking
  • Dropouts are easy to install by click-system

Technical parameters

  • Dimensions: 300×100 / 220×100 / 100×100 / 50×50 mm
  • Halogen-free plastic
  • Self-extinguishing plastic UL94-VO
  • Lots of accessories

Cable trays for all types of cables

Wire mesh CABLOFIL trays provide unique combination of endurance and flexibility. They are suitable for all types of cables – from fiber optic cables to robust power cables. Installation of CABLOFIL trays is possible not only in interiors, but also in exteriors or sensitive areas like food processing. (various types of INOX)

We supply cable trays in various RAL colors.

Specialized cable tray accessories for data centers

Various cable outlet options for optical and metallic data cables. They protect wires inside of cables from breaking.

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