Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the new class of software providing data center operators with wide range of operations: enhance planning and infrastructure design; bridge information across organizational domains – data centers, devices and IT, in order to maximize the use of data center capacity; monitor facilities in an attempt to prevent service fail-overs; measure and control energy consumption with a focus on PUE optimization; control the access to IT racks and the other devices.

Sunbird´s Power IQ software:

  • ensure required availability of services
  • increase efficiency and utilize available capacities
  • enhanced staff productivity

Features and benefits:

  • Quick start with no configuration required
  • A wide range of tools
  • Excellent compatibility with products from various manufacturers (CRAC, UPS, PDU… / Legrand, APC, Vertiv, Eaton….)
  • A lot of drag-and-drop widgets
  • Display all available parameters – A, V, PF, W, KWH, airflow, temperature, humidity
  • Automatic search for new devices on the network
  • PUE analyses
  • A variety of reports (rack capacity, trend analysis, carbon footprint, etc.)
  • Compatibility with VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V® and Linux® KVM Virtual Appliances
  • Fail-over simulation report
Centralizovaná správa iPDU přes software
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Uživatelské funkcionality Power IQ DCIM
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Technické parametry Power IQ DCIM
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Sunbird´s Power IQ DCIM monitoring dashboards

Data center power management with Sunbird Power IQ