Modular three-phase UPS

We supply high-quality UPSs, which represent the innovative concept of UPS backup supply. A reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supply is the basis for ensuring safety and continuity of operation of critical applications. UPS we offer reflects the emphasis placed on quality, excellent reliability, high performance and enhanced efficiency. They adapt to all evolving performance needs and customer requirements, such as performance increase by gradually adding power modules. Replacement or power increase can be performed during the operation without interrupting the power supply to critical infrastructure.

We also design and supply modular backup power supply solutions, especially if the customer assumes the future increase of power requirements of the backup power supply or for the backup period.

Conventional single-phase UPS for IT applications

For local use in IT racks, we supply high-quality and cost-effective rack UPS. With capacity up to 10kVA, they are designed to supply larger IT racks or servers.

Main characteristics:

– Input capacitance 1 to 10 kVA
– Power factor 0,9 for 1000-3000VA, 1,0 for 5000-10000 VA
– VFI-111 on-line double conversion (batteries are constantly recharged, switch to UPS occurs without any outage)
– External 19″ battery cabinets to increase the backup time
– Automatic bypass as a standard, manual as an option

PDU with integrated UPS

A unique product combining features of 19″ power panels and UPS rack. Specially designed for use in LAN applications. Includes 8 sockets and provides the power backup up to 15 minutes, while taking up only the height of 2U in IT rack