Passive fire protection, or containment, refers to products or methods which slow or prevent the spread of fire. This system is usually built into a building´s fire protection scheme with detection (systems that detect fire) and suppression (systems that extinguish or prevent the spread of fire).

We offer unique products – fire rated pathways, which are certified in any fill level – from 0% to 100%.

Main features and benefits:

  • To be used in areas, where the cabling requirement is continually changing (e.g. server rooms, data centers)
  • Dry or wet installation
  • Does not require a fire specialist to install
  • Fire pathway is always certified
  • Certified in Czech and Slovak Republic
  • For power and data cables up to 100mm in diameter
  • Approved for use in all wall and floor types
  • Available in various capacities

Download “Protipožární přepážky EZ-Path”

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Wet installation of multiple fire rated pathway EZ-Path

Dry installation of fire rated pathway EZ- Path