The architecture of fibre and copper links in data centers is similar to the LAN network (3-level star), however it has it’s specifics such as increased port density and link redundancy requirements. Several network designs are available – ToR, EoR, MoR or Out-of-Rack. Highest functionality can be guaranteed by using preterminated fibre/copper links with latest technological innovations such as micro-cables with MTP® connectors, or copper system based on Cat.8 components enabling easy connection of active devices with speeds up to 40GB/s.

Structured cabling system LSC3 for LAN and data centers

Fibre and copper solutions for data centers

Our solutions for data centers include preterminated copper and fibre cabling in a variety of options (MTP-MTP, MTP-fan out, MTP-cassette, etc.) as well as various patch panels options, including high port density.

Structured cabling for LAN

The main advantages of our LAN solutions are excellent transmission characteristics, wide product range and easy installation. Cabling is available in every optical and copper class, shielded or unshielded version.

If installed by the certified company, 25-year warranty is guaranteed by cabling manufacturer.