In compliance with the new GDPR requirements, we deliver our security control solutions that use the following technologies: iClass®, MIFARE®, DESFire® or HID® Prox. IT racks can be fitted with various SmartLock systems – standard handles with mechanical key locks or electro-mechanical handles = card readers integrated in handles.

The main aim of electro-mechanical security is to control, monitor and log access to IT equipment. This request often comes from regulations related to protecting sensitive data of individuals.

There are various levels of electro-mechanical security. They differ in:

  • Comfort (e.g. card readers in the handle or only via centralized access)
  • Technical specification of the solution (low-frequency, high-frequency or dual-frequency card readers)
  • Mechanical design (handles available in several dimensions, for easy compatibility with IT racks from various vendors)
  • Cost efficiency

This solution can be implemented in several ways:

  • Installation on existing IT rakcs, only handles are to be exchanged / New IT racks, delivery includes also full HW and SW
  • As a local stand-alone solution / As a centralized multi-site solution with redundancy servers
  • With the possibility of local authentication (card reader at the rack) / Without the possibility of local authentication (remote management of access permission)
  • Control of handles via intelligent PDU / Control via separate control units

Example of logical scheme of smart handle solution on IT rack