SERVER TECHNOLOGY, founded in the USA in 1948, is a brand of Legrand since 2017 and with 48 existing patents and 50 in the process, is considered as the most innovative brand in the field of iPDU.

Over 60 000 customers around the world, such as security agencies, police or even military, rely on Server Technology´s PDUs due to their specific characteristics.

High-density outlet technology for C13/C19 outlets

The innovation offers ultimate flexibility in outlet technology, providing the connection of both types of plugs – C14 and C20 – and extreme density up to 54 outlets per 1 vertical iPDU.

Create you own PDU

Via PDU configurator, you can create a unique PDU configuration that will meet your needs. The configuration has 4 steps:

  1. Choose level of control (input metering, per outlet, or outlet switching yes-no, etc.)
  2. Choose electrical parameters (1F/3F, 16A/32A)
  3. Choose the amount and types of sockets/plugs
  4. Download the tech sheet and send us your price request

After that, you PDU will be delivered to you within 14 days.

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