Data center racks have to meet completely different criteria than racks used in LAN environment. One of the main criteria is the measure of IT rack air-tightness (lower leakage of cooled air = lower power usage of cooling units = lower consumption of electrical energy = lower price of service for end customer). We deliver a new generation of 19“ / 21“ / 23“ IT racks for data centers, which is designed as airtight and has excellent mechanical parameters. The range offers a wide range of cable routing accessories, rooftop cable tray integration and vertical power distribution. Baying in closed cold, hot or other types of corridors is also fully supported.

Technical characteristics of NEXPAND racks

  • Completely airtight (area around 19” rails)  
  • Cable routing accessories are per-installed in factory according to individual requirements
  • Superior mechanical parameters (stiffness, resistance, design)
  • Innovative accessories (e.g. slide-in side panels)
  • Modular cable entries
  • Access with physical key, card reader or a combination
  • Co-lo racks (multiple sections)
  • Black or white color
  • Load capacity of 1500 kg
  • Height up to 52U

Maximum user flexibility with NEXPAND racks

Door locking mechanism fully integrated in NEXPAND racks

Modular roof system of NEXPAND racks